USAPhO Semi-final Exam Preparation Class II AP Physics C and B Review

USAPhO Semi-final Exam Preparation Class

AP Physics C and B Review

Date: 1/12 to 3/2. Total 8 classes.

The first class is at 1/12 Sunday, 9:30 to 12:30am

Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Ste 204, San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: 408-366-2204, 408-480-7547,

Fee: $720

Text Book: Fundamentals of Physics, 6th Edition   David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

What will be covered:

  • Electromagnetics

  • Thermodynamics

  • Relativity

  • Nuclear & Atomic Physics

  • Waves & Optics

Who should take the class?

  • Students who are going to take the following exams:

  • USAPhO semi-final.

  • AP Physics B and/or C exam

  • Students who have a passion for physics

  • Students who want to learn physics efficiently from an excellent physics teacher

  • Students who want to learn the nuances and develop a deep appreciation of physics

USAPhO (United States Physics Olympics) introduction:

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) is in charge of finding and preparing students to compete in the United States’ Physics Olympiad team, which goes on to compete in the International Physics Olympiad Competition. There are three parts to this process:

  • Preliminary Exam: A 75 minute long multiple choice exam that tests students on their knowledge of classical mechanics. The top 400 students move on to compete in the Semifinal Exam.

  • Semifinal Exam: A 3 hour long free response exam that tests students on all areas of Physics. This includes mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, fluids, relativity, nuclear physics, atomic physics, waves, and optics. The top 20 students move on to compete on the United States Physics Team.

  • US Physics Team Training Camp: The members of the US Physics Team spend nine days at an all-expense paid training camp to prepare to represent the nation at the International Physics Olympiad Competition.

2013 USAPhO 2nd round Gold Medal 45, Silver Medal 50, Bronze Medal winners 71, Honorable Mention 95. Total 261. Among the 261 students, 85 are from California, and 51 are from Bay Area.

You will be one of them!

Instructor: Dr. Huo

Postdocorate/Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Ranked 2nd out of 148 in Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Qualifying Exams
Over 50 peer reviewed journal publications
Bachelor’s of Science, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
High School The High School Affiliated to the Peking University
National Science Class (80 exceptional students selected from all over China, preparation for science competition)
Middle school: Science class, The Middle School Affiliated to People’s University of China

Current research project at Stanford:
Nano-structured solar cells and LEDs
High speed Ge/SiGe light sources, modulators, and photodetectors
CMOS image sensor

Competition honors:
Physics Olympiad, first place national winner in China
1st place winner, National Olympiad in Informatics, China
Multiple Mathematical, Physics, and Informatics competition prizes at national and regional levels

Short descriptions:
Dr. Huo has very deep understanding of fundamental physical principles as well as strong logical thinking. He can explain a complicated question with clearly and concisely so students can quickly develop a strong grasp of the concept. Furthermore, he can push students to think about the original question in other related areas.
Dr. Huo also has gone through a large number of practice for all kinds of physical completion questions and is very familiar with the exam process. As a part of the national science class in China, Dr. Huo studied physics with Prof. Yousheng Shu from Peking University, the most prestigious coach of the Chinese Physics Olympiad team, and Mr. Jida Zhang, the vice president of the high school affiliated with Peking University.
Dr. Huo and his current Physics Olympiad class are loved by both students and parents alike.

八次课的安排: 1. EM 2. EM 3. EM 4.

1. EM
2. EM
3. EM
4. EM
5. Thermal
6. Optics
7. Wave/Relativity
8. advance questions



有人问这期课到底是要cover USAPhO

有人问这期课到底是要cover USAPhO Semi-final Exam的内容还是AP Physics C 还是 B。
USAPhO Semi-final Exam 在内容上要cover到AP Physics B的内容,范围很广。但AP Physics B要容易很多。在难度上,USAPhO Semi-final Exam是有过之而无不及。
Dr Huo这次要讲到除力学之外的所有内容,

  • Electromagnetics

  • Thermodynamics

  • Relativity

  • Nuclear & Atomic Physics

  • Waves & Optics

AP Physics C有两部分 Mechenics 以及 Electricity & Magnetism。
AP Physics C的Mechenics 已经在11,12月的课上讲过了。这一期会集中在AP Physics C的E&M。
AP Physics B 以及C 的E&M有很大帮助。
USAPhO Semi-final Exam的考古题作为家庭作业。