Workshop: How to Win AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest

03/25/2014 19:00
America/Los Angeles


AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest

而拍什么照片,以及怎么拍,是父母和学生常常问的一个问题。我们请来了 过去的获奖者Peter Tang现身说法,并引导启发学生怎么拍艺术照片,怎么把拍到的照片写成一篇有特色的科学小论文


How to Win AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest Workshop

----and Beauty of the Physics

With the workshop you will learn how to

  • Win honors with your sense of art and physics
  • Appreciate the beauty of physics
  • Explain wonders in nature from basic concept of physics
  • Take photos that win awards
  • Brainstorm what kinds of physics photos to take
2014 Photo Contest Registration is March 7 to May 15
Physics is an art!
The world is so colorful simply because of Physics

Speaker: Peter Tang

  • 3rd place winner of 2010 AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest
  • Photo editor of the Chicago Maroon Newspaper

Time: March 25, Tuesday 7:00-9:00pm
Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129
Fee: $50 for each high school student. (Parents free with student)
Seats are limited to only 20 for students.
(机会难得。正在放春假的讲员Peter 只能提供这一场讲座。)